Plastic lawn edging

Plastic border edges have several advantages compared to the concrete variant. The most significant advantage is the difference in weight. A plastic border edge is, therefore, very easy to install on your own. Another significant advantage is the flexibility in design. You can easily create (sharp) curves, patterns, and figures. Our plastic edging is available in straight pieces and rolls. Additionally, the plastic edging comes in three colors: black, brown and gray. Within our lawn and garden edging assortment, we offer both plastic edging and metal lawn edging.

Advantages of plastic edging

Plastic edging offers several advantages when compared to edging made of materials like concrete. Firstly, plastic edging is much easier to install due to its significantly lower weight (this advantage also applies to steel edging). Another major benefit of plastic edging is its flexibility. If you want to create curves or even intricate patterns with the edging, plastic is an excellent choice as it is flexible enough to form circles.

Various types of plastic edging

Within our range of plastic edging, you can choose from two different types: Multi-Edge FLEX and Multi-Edge ECO. Both are made out of recycled plastic.

Multi-Edge Flex: The Multi-Edge Flex is sold per 2 meters. It comes with ground pins for securing the edging into the soil (four ground pins per meter). The attachment points for the ground pins are integrated into the plastic edging, making it easy to secure firmly. The separate parts are also really easy to attach together. The Multi-Edge Flex is available in two heights: 5.5cm and 7cm.
Multi-Edge ECO: The Multi-Edge ECO edging is available in straight pieces and rolls. Rolls are suitable for creating curves and patterns. The Multi-Edge ECO edging is available in three diffeent heights: 10cm, 14cm and 20cm. The straight pieces have a length of 2 meters, the rolls are avalaible in 10-meter or 20-meter lengths. Available in brown/corten, gray, and black.

How to install plastic Edging

Installing our plastic edging is really straightforward. Refer to our installation instructions for both Multi-Edge Flex and Multi-Edge ECO. Multi-Edge Flex: Multi-Edge Flex brochure and installation instructions, Multi-Edge ECO: Multi-Edge ECO installation instructions.

Applications of plastic garden and lawn edging

Plastic edging is suitable for all applications where edging is commonly used. Examples include finishing the edges of your artificial or natural grass area, edging garden paths or terraces, completing the edges of a driveway or parking area, or creating decorative areas with materials like gravel, such as circles o flowerbeds.

How much plastic edging do I need?

For both Multi-Edge Flex and Multi-Edge ECO, the required amount of edging is equal to the number of linear meters needed. If you want to edge a 20-meter garden path with plastic edging (10 meters on each side), you will need 20 meters of edging.

Buy plastic edging

If you would like to purchase our plastic edging but need assistance or have questions about our plastic edging, feel free to contact us. We're here to help!