Gravel grids with membrane

All our EuroGravel gravel grids are equipped with weed control membrane. Gravel grids with weed control membrane ensure that your driveway, garden path, parking lot, or any other surface becomes more maintenance-friendly. Plus, gravel grids improve the stability of the surface. With gravel grids featuring weed control fabric, you are hitting two birds with one stone! On you can also find gravel grids without membrane / weed control fabric. Just check out all our gravel grids!

Gravel grids with weed membrane: the two variants

Within our assortment, you can find two different variants of gravel grids with weed control fabric: the EuroGravel® PLUS and the EuroGravel® PRO.

  • The EuroGravel® PLUS: a high-quality gravel mat with a very competitive price. The EuroGravel® PLUS can handle the load of cars, making it suitable for the construction of driveways or parking lots that will be subjected to car traffic.
  • The EuroGravel® PRO: an extremely strong gravel mat that can even withstand the load of busses/coaches and trucks.

When to choose Gravel grids with weed membrane

First, determine whether you need gravel grids at all. Gravel grids provide more stability when walking or driving over gravel/pebbles, preventing subsidence, potholes, and track formation. If you are using pebbles solely as decorative gravel in the garden, gravel grids may not be necessary. However, when constructing a garden path, gravel grids can be considered, especially if you access the garden path frequently or when you need to cross the garden path with a wheelchair. Gravel grids are always recommended for driveways/parking lots.

Once you've decided to use gravel grids, you face the next choice: do you opt for gravel grids with weed control membrane or without? If, for example, you are using a foundation of mixed granulate for a driveway, the use of membrane is less critical. However, gravel grids with membrane still reduce maintenance. In the case of a sand foundation, gravel grids with weed control fabric are highly recommended: they ensure much less weed growth.

Gravel grids with weed membrane on a slope

You can also use our gravel grids with membrane on a sloping surface. Note: Note: the slope may not exceed 15%. We recommend firmly securing the gravel grids with membrane using ground pegs.

Can I use all types of gravel/pebbles for gravel grids with weed membrane?

Regarding the types of gravel, anything is possible. You can use all types in our gravel grids with membrane. However, it is important to consider the size of the gravel. In our gravel grid with weed control membrane, you cannot use gravel/pebbles larger than a certain size.

Gravel: When it comes to pebbles (rounded stones), the pebbles may have a maximum size of 25mm. Gravel: When it comes to gravel, the pebbles may have a maximum size of 20mm.

Buying Gravel grids with weed membrane

Ordering our gravel grids with weed control membrane is done per square meter. You order per square meter, and we then calculate how many of our gravel grids you need. We also sell pallets per 42,55sqm.

For example: You have a driveway totaling 30m2. You enter '30' for 'quantity.' The price you see for the item is the price per square meter. We then determine exactly how many gravel grids you need. To give you an idea: 1.79 gravel grids are needed per square meter.

Assistance with the purchase of gravel grids with membrane

Do you have questions about our gravel grids with weed control fabric? Or do you need assistance with placing your order? No problem at all; you can always contact us. We're more than happy to help!