Metal lawn edging

Steel edging offers several advantages. Firstly, steel edging is very stylish. Additionally, steel edging is of high quality, lightweight, making it quick and easy to install, and it is flexible/bendable. Our steel border edges are available in multiple variations, such as Corten steel edging for an authentic look or stainless steel for a modern touch. There are two sizes available: the Multi-Edge Metal and the Multi-Edge ADVANCE. If you have any questions about edging, or if you need advice, feel free to contact us! In addition to steel edging, you can also find plastic border edges on

What are the advantages of steel edging?

Firstly, the appearance of steel edging is more modern than, for example, edging made of concrete/stone. With metal edging, you can finish the elements of your garden, driveway, or terrace in a stylish way. The second major advantage of steel edging is that it weighs very little. It is much lighter than concrete/stone edging. This makes the installation much easier.

Steel edging; what choices do I have?

In our webshop, you will find the Multi-Edge Metal and the Multi-Edge ADVANCE, both made of steel. The biggest difference between these two is the size. The Multi-Edge Metal protrudes about 4cm above the ground after installation. The Multi-Edge ADVANCE protrudes about 10cm above the ground after installation. The ADVANCE stands out much more. For the Multi-Edge ADVANCE, corner pieces are also available, allowing you to create sharp 90° angles. Both the Multi-Edge ADVANCE and the Multi-Edge Metal have a simple coupling and installation system. See the installation instructions below for details.

The Multi-Edge Metal is available in several variants: Corten steel, stainless steel, galvanized, white, and black. The Multi Edge-Advance is made of corten steel or galvanized steel.

How do I install steel edging?

Installing steel edging is quite simple. For this process, we have created a brochure with a detailed description of the installation:

Edging Multi-Edge Metal Installation Instructions

Edging Multi-Edge ADVANCE Installation Instructions

Can I create corners and bends with steel edging?

Multi-Edge Metal

You can easily create corners and bends with our Multi-Edge metal edging. You can bend the edging quite easily by using a workbench or wooden block (we recommend doing this carefully to avoid scratching your edging). You can manually bend the parts of the Multi-Edge Metal until you have, for example, a circle or bend. See step 4 in the instruction booklet above for details, where we have indicated how to approach this with an image.

Multi-Edge ADVANCE

If you want to create bends, you can do this in the same way as described above for the Multi-Edge Metal. If you want to create a sharp 90° angle, you can use special corner pieces. Using the coupling system, you can easily attach the corner pieces to the straight pieces.

What are the dimensions of the steel edging, and how much do I need?

Multi-Edge Metal

The height of our metal edging is 17.5cm, including the pins that are already attached to the edging. The pins are 10cm high and go completely into the ground. This leaves 7.5cm, of which 3cm also has to go into the ground. Ultimately, about 4.5cm protrudes above the ground. Each piece of metal edging has a length of 100cm (1 meter). However, please note: when attaching the individual pieces together, there is a small overlap. It is 5cm. The effective length is therefore 95cm. So, if you want to calculate how many pieces you need, divide the number of linear meters of steel edging you need by 0.95. For example, if you want to edge 25 linear meters of garden with our steel edging, you will need 25 / 0.95 = 26.32 = 27 pieces of Multi-Edge metal.

Multi-Edge ADVANCE

The height of the Multi-Edge ADVANCE is 20cm. The ground pins are 40cm. The edging itself goes at least 10cm into the ground (if less than 10cm is in the ground, it becomes unstable). Each piece of Multi-Edge ADVANCE has a length of 200cm (2 meters). There is no overlap between the individual parts of the Multi-Edge ADVANCE, as is the case with the Multi-Edge Metal. So, if you want to edge, for example, 10 linear meters of garden, you will need 10 meters of Multi-Edge ADVANCE.

Buying steel edging

If you have any questions about our metal edging or if you need help purchasing it, feel free to contact us.