Which model gravel grids do you need?

Gravel grids are a relatively new product on the market. Many people are unaware of their existence, but those who are familiar with them are delighted with the results. While their use isn't necessary, they provide a more stable foundation, and the additional benefits make their use worthwhile.

What are gravel grids?

In short, gravel grids are honeycomb plates onto which gravel or chippings are placed. Gravel grids ensure that the gravel remains in place, allowing you to create a stable surface without footprints or tire tracks.

Which model do I need?

On Amagard, you'll find three models of gravel grids. Visually, they are quite similar, but their prices and features vary. Below, we'll outline the strengths of each model, making it easier for you to choose the one that best suits your project.

Model gravel grids


Eurogravel PLUS

  • More affordable model
  • Anti-weed membrane attached
  • Resistant to pressure from cars, small vans

Eurogravel PRO

  • Resistant to pressure from trucks
  • Anti-weed membrane attached
  • Easy to install

Easygravel 3XL

  • Resistant to pressure from trucks
  • Gravel grids feature a click system for easy assembly
  • Applicable for slopes up to 15%

In summary, if you're using gravel grids in your garden or an area where only pedestrian and car traffic will be present, Eurogravel PLUS is the best option. It's easy to install and cost-effective. If the gravel grids need to withstand very heavy loads (such as heavy vehicles), then we recommend Eurogravel PRO or Easygravel 3XL. For relatively steep slopes (up to 15%), we recommend the Easygravel 3XL model because the gravel grids are held in place by the click system, creating a firmer surface. The visual effect will be the same once the gravel or chippings are placed, but the difference lies in the purpose of the terrain.

If you're still unsure which model is most suitable for your project, don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you further!