Which lawn edging fits best in my garden?

Would you like to give your garden an extra dimension with the help of edging? Then keep reading! In this blog, we will inspire you with the endless possibilities that different types of border edges offer. Is the beautifully authentic Corten steel border edge something for your garden, or do you opt for the Multi-Edge ECO with a natural style?

Plastic Edging / Steel Edging

We have two different types of edging: plastic edging and steel edging. Below are all the benefits of the two different types and how to best apply them both.

Straight or Curved Edging?

Would you like a modern or a characteristic garden? With plastic edging, you have the possibility to give more shape to your garden by creating a wavy path. This way, you give the border a bit more 'life'. If you opt for a wavy border, we recommend using the Multi-Edge FLEX or Multi-Edge ECO. These are more flexible because they are made of plastic. If you prefer a modern garden, straight lines fit better. You can best create straight lines with the steel versions such as the Multi-Edge ADVANCE/METAL or the plastic edging ECO and FLEX. The Multi-Edge METAL can also be easily bent to a 90-degree angle, and for the Multi-Edge ADVANCE, special corner pieces are designed to create a 90-degree angle.

High or Low Edging?

Does the edging draw attention? Then choose a higher variant of edging. After all, the higher, the more striking! The color is also decisive: do you want to match the color with, for example, the gravel, or do you want it to contrast beautifully (for example, pure white gravel with black edging)?

With the high model, the Multi-Edge ADVANCE, you can ensure that a striking separation is created. The heights of the high models:

Length Sizes of Edging

Due to the smart coupling system, there is a small overflow. Use this formula to calculate the required meters: total required length meters divided by 0.95.

How Do I Install Metal Garden Edging?

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