Full pallet Paddock Grids 3XL white (35,82sqm = £13,93/sqm)

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Product description

Full pallet Paddockmatten 3XL black with special price.

With these paddock grids, your horses will no longer walk through the mud. These paddock grids, also known as paddock mats, provide a good and stable draining base for the paddock. The grids are easy to install due to the click system and are repositionable.

Advantages of Paddock Mats/Grids:

  • Horses walk on the sand instead of in the sand
  • No more loose or muddy paddock
  • Low maintenance and environmentally friendly
  • Easy to lay with the handy click system

Using paddock grids prevents horses from trampling the ground and compacting the soil. The grids ensure that your horse walks on top of the sand rather than sinking into it. The plates are easy and quick to lay thanks to the convenient click system of the plates. This forms a solid surface. The plates must be filled with a layer of sand 10 cm high.

Applying Paddock Grids:

The paddock grids are best laid on a harder base of broken rubble or drainage sand. This is permeable to water and provides more stability to the paddock. The paddock mats are then applied on top of the base.

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Properties of the Paddock Grids white:

  • Dimensions: 91.2 x 65 x 3.4cm
  • Approximately 0.56 sqm per plate. Please note: ordering is done per sqm. You do not need to calculate: we will calculate the exact number of plates for you.
Processing speed± 100 sqm per hour
Usage± 75kg per sqm, assuming a layer thickness of 5cm.
How does delivery take place?Parcel service with pallet truck within 7 working days
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