The Different Multi-Edge Products

There are four different Multi-Edge lawn edgings: two steel variants, the Multi-Edge Metal and the Multi-Edge ADVANCE, and two plastic variants, the Multi-Edge Flex and the Multi-Edge ECO.

  • Multi-Edge METAL: Metal lawn edging available in five finishes: corten steel, stainless steel, galvanized, white, and black. The ground pins are already attached to the lawn edging, making installation very simple. The Multi-Edge METAL has a height of 17.5 cm (including ground pins). The height excluding the ground pins is 7.5 cm. Approximately 3 cm of this goes into the ground, leaving 4 cm above the ground.
  • Multi-Edge ADVANCE: Steel lawn edging made of galvanized steel. The Multi-Edge ADVANCE has a height of 20 cm (excluding ground pins). At least 10 cm of this goes into the ground, leaving 10 cm above the ground. The Multi-Edge ADVANCE is more noticeable than the Multi-Edge METAL. It features a clever coupling and installation system, making installation very simple.
  • Multi-Edge Flex: Plastic lawn edging. The Multi-Edge Flex is available in two heights: 5.5 cm and 7 cm. The Multi-Edge Flex is very flexible and therefore ideal for creating curves and/or patterns (e.g., circles). Installation is very simple due to the installation system.
  • Multi-Edge ECO: A stylish plastic lawn edging with a modern look, available in curved roll form or straight plank. Made from 100% recycled plastic waste, making it a sustainable choice. Available in multiple colors and sizes!